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Mia Khalifa handles trolls and haters by donating USD 5,000 !!!

Ex-porn star Mia Khalifa knows how to handle trolls and haters online. And she performs it like a queen. A glimpse at the 27-year-old Lebanese American actor’s Twitter handle will reveal that Mia doesn’t shy away from talking up about serious social concerns and circumstances that are going on in society. Lately, she tweeted about cultural appropriation. For the ignorant, it is when a person pertaining to a selective culture attempts to embrace another culture or cultural status.

“Do you think white girl’s arms are sore from reaching to the back of their family tree to justify whatever culture they’re about to appropriate? ‘My great-great-grandmother’s aunt was Arab’ first of all, you’re white,” Mia wrote in her tweet on Wednesday. While many encouraged her attitude, others trolled her. And in both situations, Mia appeared to be possessing a great time replying to the tweets.

One Twitter user named Shubham Singh commented, “How proud your ancestors would be from you” – obviously in a mocking tone. In a befitting response, Mia added a screenshot of a bank transaction that reveals that she donated $5,000 to her homeland, Lebanon’s Red Cross organization. “You meant this backhandedly, but brb I’m gonna go donate some more money to my homeland’s Red Cross organization, maybe my ancestors will rest a little better now,” she wrote in reply.

Besides, this is not the first time, in August 2020, the 27-year-old Lebanese-American moved ahead to stretch assistance to Lebanon after a blast disturbed the capital city leaving behind weathered buildings and thousands of people dead and wounded. Khalifa put up her glasses on eBay sale, remarking that the situation of the eyewear is “used and abused”.

Khalifa was only in the porn industry for three months, but her influence has lasted years. In recent months, she’s used her huge platform for activism, such as being honest about the dangers of doing mainstream porn. In many ways, the Lebanese-American used her leverage to support those bearing in Beirut her birthplace.

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In the last few days, Mia has also stretched her assistance to Hollywood actress Evan Rachel Wood who lately opened up about insult. Wood has declared that heavy metal and rock singer Marilyn Manson was the person she has suggested to in the past when she has spoken about being in abusive relationships. The 33-year-old actress performed the allegations in an Instagram post on Monday.





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