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Some easy ways to keep vegetables fresh. Know from here

Most people buy vegetables and keep them in the fridge when they reached home. It then rots when taken for cooking. Why do vegetables spoil so quickly when left in the fridge? The main reason for this is the way they are stored. Each vegetable should be stored in a different way. Let’s see how to keep vegetables fresh for more than a day.

  • Well-ripened tomatoes are best kept in the fridge. Meanwhile, unripe tomatoes can be stored outside if required. Chopped tomatoes can be stored in a container.
  • Cucumbers should be stored in the fridge for a maximum of three days only. Do not place cucumbers near bananas and tomatoes. This can cause the cucumber to spoil quickly.
  • Always wash the curry leaves well in water first and leave them to soak in water. Remove any damaged or blackened leaves. Once the water is gone, remove the curry leaves from the stalk and store them in an airtight bottle.
  • Try to keep the potatoes alone. Potatoes are often found sprouting when placed next to onions or apples, due to the ethylene gas produced by onions and apples. So do not keep with onions and apples.
  • The bacteria are first caught on the stalks of green chilies. Therefore, green chili stalks should be removed and stored. If there is any damaged chilies, remove it first. Or it may spread to other chilies.

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