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“Sorry…Don’t feel bad, I ate the food you ordered” ; Read the interesting food delivery incident!!!

Imagine a time when you were hungry. Appetite to eat an elephant itself. Finally went to the food delivery app and ordered a biryani. The hotel receives the order and receives a notification that the delivery boy has left with the food. You will also receive a notification that the delivery boy has arrived at your home with the food. Finally, the calling bell rings and when you run and open the packet, there is no biryani. Instead, a letter read, “Sorry, don’t feel anything! I ate the ordered food”. How would you react?

21-year-old Eli Ellis went through a similar experience. Elise, who lives in London, ordered two burgers, chips, and a chicken wrap for 20 dollars. The notification came that the food ordered by Uber Its had been picked up by the delivery boy and would be home soon. But the last notification was “Sorry, don’t feel anything! I ate the ordered food”.

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Ellis has been linked to Uber Eats, which is usually taking action on these types of incidents. Realizing the problem, Uber re-delivered the food ordered by Ellis. “Maybe he’s really hungry. I do not want anyone to be unemployed during this epidemic,” Ellis told The Sun. Ellis liked to take the incident of anger lightly. “I see this as just a joke. At least someone ate that food. I’ve got a substitute meal from Uber Eats,” Ellis added.

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