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High price hike for daily necessities in the state….

Thiruvananthapuram: Price hiked in the state for vegetables and some other daily necessities including onions and small onions. For all food items arriving from other states prices have been rising for the past week.

The farmers’ strike has affected the onion market for the first time in Kerala. Onions and small onions have seen huge inflation. Onion, which was priced at Rs 40 till last week, was priced at Rs 65 yesterday. The price of small onion has gone up excessively. The small onion, which was priced below Rs 100 till last week, is now selling at Rs 136.

The price of garlic has also gone up. Garlic comes to Kerala mainly from Rajasthan and Gujarat. The reason for the increase in prices is the low production in these areas. Garlic, which used to sell for Rs 90, now has a wholesale price of Rs 125. When you reach the shops, you will have to pay at least Rs 130-140 for the retail price.

Ladies’finger was Rs 40 last week and Rs 60 this week. Tomatoes are now sold in the state for Rs30 . At the same time, the price of coconut has come down. Coconuts sold for less than Rs 40 this week, up from Rs 45. The wholesale price for banana has been Rs 30 for the last two weeks.

The price of potatoes has gone up from Rs 35 to Rs 40. Beetroot is priced between Rs 25 and Rs 35. Pineapple, which was selling for Rs 23 last week, has gone up by Rs 25 this week. The highest price for drumstick was Rs 140. It sells for Rs 200 for two weeks.

Meanwhile, mangoes, which used to be sold for Rs 70 till last week, have now dropped to Rs 50. The market price of yam has been around Rs 20 to Rs 25 for two weeks.

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