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“Indian languages should be promoted and preserved” ; M. Venkaiah Naidu

On the occasion of the International Mother Language Day, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu inscribed to members of Parliament requesting them to donate towards the advancement of Indian languages. He explained the first academic and oral mother tongue as the ”soul of life” and gave a warm request to all MPs in a three-page note.

The Rajya Sabha chairman embellished on the value of powerful foundational skills in the first language in the beginning years of everyday learning at home, where education starts. Naidu stated that the mother tongue is the initial porthole of a child to the society and there is enough proof recommending that effective literacy abilities in the first language spoken at home significantly assist in enhancing academic performance and even promote learning a second language.

The artistic talents of children should be provided to increase by eliminating language limitations, he said. The International Mother Language Day comes on February 21. Naidu stretched out to MPs of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in many generally spoken Indian languages and English by e-mail. Refining on the result of ignoring native languages, Naidu announced that it ends in the destruction of knowledge collected over time in several cultures, of which languages are a sign. With a multiplicity of languages and a vibrant spectrum of languages, we have areas that are repositories of information much of which stands imperiled now. This is essentially due to a mindset of watching down upon one’s mother tongue and bearing the linguistic symbol of proficiency in English as a wrong sign of supremacy.

The vice president emphasized the requirement for developing native languages for protecting the country’s rich cultural heterogeneity.”Culture and language are the two sides of the same coin. They embody rich knowledge and practices accumulated over a long period. Extinction of a language results in the loss of precious legacy. We can’t allow this to happen,”  “We take pride in India being a mosaic of several languages and cultures epitomizing unity in diversity. This applies to the world as well, which is emerging as a global village. The richness of our diverse cultures can only be preserved through the promotion of mother languages,” Naidu said in his letter.

Regarding that studying more languages is beneficial as it contributes more opportunities to the world besides allowing cross-cultural harmony, peace, and equanimity, Naidu accented that “it can’t be achieved without a strong foundation in one’s own first language. Mother’s tongue is the soul of life”.Naidu requested each MP to be an enthusiastic facilitator in advancing native languages in the open spaces they represent and to begin with by practicing up proper communication and outreach programs on the occasion of ”International Mother Language Day” by bringing inspiration from the slogan of “Let us love and promote mother tongue”.

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“I request you to be an active facilitator in promoting native languages in the large area you represent in the Parliament. Given your standing among the people you represent, your efforts could give a fillip to the promotion of Indian languages. I sincerely hope that you would agree with me on the need for preservation and promotion of all Indian languages and do whatever is possible to enrich them,” he told the MPs in his letter. Naidu also notified the MPs that about 200 Indian languages are suffering destruction and the UNO has shown anxiety over one world language becoming obsolete every two weeks.

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