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Know more about ‘Cupping therapy’ for massage and detoxification

We know that there are many traditional methods of health and skincare therapies which are even practiced today. Heard of Cupping Therapy? It is one of the traditional Chinese therapy which use primitive techniques. The therapy famous outside India is slowly gaining prominence in our country too. Here’s more about Cupping Therapy, read on ….

The cupping therapy works on the simple principle. It removes toxins from the body  in a quick manner and help our body with detoxification, soothing pains and sores, reducing anxiety, amid performing a number of activities. As the name suggests, Cupping therapy uses cups of various sizes. These cups will then be placed in several places of your body, especially back and the shoulders.

The next step is that the therapist puts an inflammable substance inside the suction cup and sets it on fire. Once the fire is put out, the suction cup is put upside down on one’s back as it creates a vacuum and it sticks to the skin.

This is said to pull out the toxins beneath the skin layers. It also heals damaged cells and the blood and lymph carry away the toxins from your kidneys, liver, intestines, lungs etc, and allow it to cup away naturally. Cupping also reduces stress and anxiety.

And as you have imagined on your head, yes Cupping therapy is a little painful. But the gain from pain is good for both mental and physical health. This therapy may leave your skin with circular marks caused by the suction cups but it takes a few hours or  days to vanish.

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