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NBT editor Rubin D’Cruz charged over sexual assault

Rubin D’Cruz, editor of the Malayalam department of the National Book Trust (NBT), India, and a former director of the Kerala State Institute of Children’s Literature has been charged for sexual assault of a woman.Rubin D’Cruz is a very popular figure in the political ,cultural,social media circle among certain sections. The complainant is a Keralite based on Delhi.The First Information Report (FIR) has been registered against Rubin D’Cruz at the Vasant Kunj North police station and he has been booked under Section 354 of the Indian Penal Code. Section 354 pertains to the assault or criminal force against woman with intent to outrage her modesty.

The victim had also shared her harrowing experience on her Facebook profile.” I had been going through some acutely distressing times lately.The confidence and faith I had invested in people that I had built as an indvidual through the past 25 years or more have been vanquished completely.I’d the misfortune to see through the veil of certain left-progressives who preach human rights,equal justice for all and engage in facebook revolutions.”

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Rubin invited her home to have food and ‘showed his true colours’, the woman says, “Being physically violated can also weaken people who are normally strong.Some sincere friends,an aged mother and a counselling system helped me navigate through the tough times.I made up my mind to fight such a person since leaving him alone would be a great disservice to the society.If someone like me found this harrowing,how traumatic could be such a situation for a naive twenty-something girl or for a middle aged woman embroiled in familial disputes,” she adds.

She was taken aback by the people whom she had considered friends speaking for Rubin. The case was filed also  keeping in mind the people who give support to such predatory behaviour of men and tell women who have been through physical and mental pain to show mercy ,humanity and compassion. It is a reply to the friendships these progressive men who are sexual predators enjoys she says.She says that several other women shared similar experiences they faced from Rubin and who could not share their plight due to many reasons. The trauma and pain inflicted upon those women and their experiences would stay with me in this journey,she says. The victim’s post caused several other women to open up about the distressing experiences from sexual predators disguised as progressives.

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