Traffic constable with baby in scorching heat; Netizens demand free daycare for cops

Priyanka, a traffic cop from Chandigarh has caused debate on social media. Her video performing her duties on a busy intersection holding a baby has gone viral and became the matter of concern for many.

The constable was filmed by locals and videos soon went viral on social media. While many lauded her for the grit she showed towards both her job as a cop and a mother, many felt sorry for her. As per the reports, she and another cop were supposed to report to duty at the intersection of sector 15/23 at 8 am but the duo failed to do so. Priyanka was fired for her absence and asked to report to her spot.

With no way to keep the baby at home, she had to take along the baby. The staff at Traffic Line at Sector 29 asked her to go home and take leave if she needed to. But she continued her work with baby on her hip. Journalist and Twitter user Gagandeep Singh tweeted a video of the same and said, “hats off to her spirit”.

However many felt that there are not enough infrastructure available to working mothers in India who are often forced to choose between their families and their careers. The incident reflects the unequal distribution of labour when it comes to child care.

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