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“Will be jailed if you write or speak” ; Myanmar military imposes media ban, Reported 50 deaths so far

Yangon: The Myanmar military is planning to suppress a mass upheaval following a military revolution. The media was outlawed from reporting on the movements of the military and police. The military has withdrawn the licenses of local media outlets such as Misima, DVB, Khit Thit Media, Myanmar Now, and 7Day News. These media outlets aired live military action and broadcast complete news. Most of the media outlets advertised news and footage of the military engagement online. The army and police invaded Myanmar Now’s office before publishing a closure order.

Dozens of journalists were brought into custody by government organizations after the military coup. A Myanmar “Now” reporter and a journalist from the Associated Press have been convicted to up to three years in prison. The military has done it clear that media outlets are not permitted to broadcast or write information about the nation utilizing any sort of media or technology. Officials said they were not obliged to report the occurrence. Foreign media reported that curfews had been inflicted in different sectors of Myanmar. A curfew has been imposed in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city.

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The demonstration was chaperoned by thousands of people on Monday. More than 200 students took part in the turmoil. Most regions of Yangon City are under military control. More than 50 people have been killed so far. The United Nations has cautioned that the situation in Myanmar could worsen. A state of emergency has been announced in Myanmar following a military execution on February 1. The movement appears after Aung San Suu Kyi achieved victory in the election. Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy (NLD) party won the November election. The military has said it will not accept the election results.


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