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Studies show that fathers with daughters have a longer life expectancy….

This is good news for fathers with daughters. A study by experts at Jagiellonian university found that fathers with daughters had a longer life expectancy.

Although the birth of children and the health of the mother have been the subject of much debate, this is the first study of its relationship to the health of fathers. Their study looked at how fathers’ bodies and health change when a child is born. They studied 4310 people. Of these, 2147 were mothers and 2162 were fathers.

It has been found that there is no correlation between the number of sons and the health of the father but the birth of daughters affects the life expectancy of the father. The study found that fathers’ lives lasted as long as 74 weeks, depending on how many girls they had.

But the study also found that women, both boys and girls, were adversely affected by life expectancy. Maternal health and life expectancy decline with each delivery. Researchers also found that women who live alone have a longer life expectancy. Another study found that couples with children lived longer than those without children.

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