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“ The best enemies are wife and husband” ; Pray for those who hate you, for hating is the fine end of all love….

When two people get attracted they talk and talk initially especially when it comes to the opposite sex. They open up to each other a lot and then there grows the gap. It may take some time to become recognizable that the gap is widening. Be it a person incognito, still there grows a gap. That is why people say “ the best enemies are wife and husband” who live under one roof because they are the best known to each other. And the funniest thing is that they will blame each other that the other ward could not understand.

Pray for those who hate you, for hate is the fine end of all love…

Hey, it looks contrary, the meaning doesn’t match. Way too absurd. It is not at all harmonious. Take a deep breath. Read it again. Your mind starts deceiving you because you will feel that it is trying to churn out some meaning for that. You believe what you see. Are you trying to believe something which you can never agree with? Your mind can never deceive you because ultimately every decision comes from your mind and in a way we all walk the way our mind guides.

Sometimes we wear the shoes of our enemies and we might even forgive their grave mistakes and we attain a biblical divinity. Does that mean we are going to pray for them? The answer is a big no unless they carve their place in our hearts. Recently a young leader in India said he is ready to forgive the assassins of his father. So he becomes a hero in the minds of the killers and their kin. I guess it is just a politricks to become a good Samaritan in the books of Tamil people. But is he going to pray for them?

Now let us talk about who hates you. Someone who knows you only can hate you. How can you hate an unknown person? You need not know him to the core to hate him. The more you know someone the more you become close, the more you become close the more you hate one. Confusing, ouch it eats my brain. Stop the nonsense. That is what you feel now. You started hating me. Right?. Yes, because you know a piece of my mind now.

You live in the heart of the enemies than in the friend’s bosom. You are watched more by them than your dear ones. Since you live more in the heart of the enemies, they miss you than anyone else in the world. So let us pray for those who hate you also because for them also you are an icon and it is that iconic figure that makes them envious of you.

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End of the day who gains by keeping hatred to each other? What hems you away from keeping healthy and strong relations with others? EGO is the foremost answer to those questions. When we get self constrained with ourselves, Ego spreads its fangs and we become relentless towards others and we just look forward to a winning match. Let us have win-win matches; we do not exist if we are alone. Why hatred? Let us start praying for our enemies also and we definitely start knowing that the hatred starts diminishing in us.

Courtesy ; Kishore Panicker

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