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“Tired of arguing” ; Couple handcuffs hands to fix the relationship, See the pics…

A couple from Ukrain who became tired of fighting is striving to restore their on-off relationship by handcuffing their hands together for three months and recording their feelings on social media. Online car salesman Alexandr Kudlay, 33, and his partner, beautician Viktoria Pustovitova, 28, started what they name their “experiment” on Valentine’s Day and have since gathered thousands of followers on Instagram.”In terms of material compassion, with every day passing, we are getting used to it more and more. It gets easier,” Kudlay told. He arrived up with the concept after Pustovitova said she desires to break up with him.

“We used to break up once or twice a week. When during another fight Vika once again said that we had to break up, I replied, ‘Then I will attach you to myself’.”Pustovitova denied his idea at first, hanging up the phone on him the initial time he proposed it, but gradually changed her mind. For almost a month now, neither has had any personal space, and they do everything mutually, from grocery shopping to cigarette recesses.”I decided it will be an interesting experience for me, that it will bring into my life new bright emotions which I did not experience before. I love him, so I came to a decision to do it,” Pustovitova said.

Presently, they share pictures of themselves on Instagram portraying a blissful coexistence, comprehensive with titles emphasizing the significance of mutual respect and harmony. They have also appeared on talk shows on Ukrainian television. As for their relationship, “some tension has come up,” but the couple says they have found new ways of dealing with discord.

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“Fights between us did not disappear, we still fight. But when we approach a dead end and there is no understanding between us, we simply stop talking instead of packing up our things and walking away,” Kudla said. The public reaction has been a blend of praise, skepticism, and mere curiosity. Remarks on Instagram vary from “Lovely couple” to “Can anyone explain me what for?”.Amongst the hottest questions is how the couple goes to the toilet. The answer, one has to wait outside with a hand remaining the other inside the bathroom. They take shifts for bath.


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