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Man with ‘arms’ arrested near the official residence of Vice President Kamala Harris!!!

A man from San Antonio was captured near the official residence of Vice President Kamala Harris in Washington was charged with weapons-related attacks, the US Secret Service stated. The Secret Service, accountable for the protection of the president and vice president, said the suspect, Paul Murray, 31, was arrested by its uniformed officers on the street near a government complex that houses the vice president’s residence and the US Naval Observatory. Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department said its officers then arrested and charged Murray.

The department said the arrest was triggered by an “intelligence bulletin that originated from Texas.” The department did not elaborate on the bulletin’s contents. A reporter at Fox News’ Washington affiliate tweeted a Texas law enforcement bulletin that said Murray had been experiencing “paranoid delusions” that the military or government wanted to kill him, and that he sent his mother a text message saying he was in Washington and was going to “take care of his problem.”

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DC police said Murray was captured by carrying a deadly weapon, bearing a rifle or shotgun outside of a business, ownership of unregistered ammunition, and possession of a large-capacity ammunition feeding device. Police said a rifle and ammunition were seized from Murray’s vehicle.

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