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Government employees were punished with a pay cut for leaving work 2 minutes early!!!

Workers of a government office in Japan were punished in March for stopping work two minutes before the general exit time and were penalized with a pay reduction. Many staff members were disciplined for moving from office two minutes early, the Funabashi City Board of Education in Chiba Prefecture declared on March 10.

The Board of Education found 316 instances of early leaving from May 2019 to January 2021, including seven staff members, Japan media reported. The employees stated that they left two minutes early to get an earlier bus home. The counselor, in-charge of attendance management, was disciplined for deceiving timecards, which listed departure times as 5:15 pm. Aside from other staff members, the counselor also left work at 5:13 pm to catch the bus.

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Apart from the counselor, the director, and an elderly woman also obtained written reprovals for leaving work before the scheduled time. Four other staff members were provided strict warnings. As per the report issued in Japan Today, the counselor was punished with a one-tenth cut in salary for three months. Explicating leaving two minutes early, the workers said that they “wanted to go home early.” If they missed the bus at 5:17 pm, the next bus wouldn’t arrive until 30 minutes later, at 5:47 pm.

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