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“Huawei will not be blocked”; It will be welcomed by India

Between dilemma over the inclusion of China’s Huawei in the account of ‘trusted sources’ for procurement of telecom gear, Jay Chen, the company’s Vice-President for the Asia-Pacific area, on Wednesday showed trust that Huawei will not be hindered and rather will be embraced by the Indian government.

The statement serves the Department of Telecom altering the license provisions earlier this month, mandating that service providers get telecom devices only from ‘trusted sources’ as set by the government. The movement, which appears into impact from June 15, will also need service providers to get permission from the National Cyber Security Coordinator (NCSC) for up-gradation of current networks employing equipment not assigned as trusted products.

“…Not only 5G, but India as a market is very important for Huawei. We entered this market almost 20 years back and have the full operation function in India. We even put an international business center here such as the network service center in Bengaluru, which serves global customers from almost 40 countries. So obviously India is very important,” Mr. Chen said while responding to a question during a virtual roundtable.

He continued that the company operated jointly with its clients as well as the government. “We believe that the Indian government will make the right decision which will benefit the country. We believe, based on our very clear record in India and the very good engagements with the Indian government before, I believe the Indian government will welcome Huawei. So we have this confidence,” he said.

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Before his position as the Vice-President of the Asia Pacific area, Mr. Chen was managing the India operations for many years. Discussing questions over the feasibility of the company being obstructed in India, he added that, “This is not the logic according to our business prediction; we don’t think that way…In simple language, we do not agree to the claim that we might be blocked…this will benefit the Indian market and will be the right decision,” he added.

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