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“Addicted to Coffee???” Here’s an effective ‘BUTTERY’ alternative!!!

The desire for coffee exceeds national and cultural boundaries. Throughout the world, most of us begin our day with coffee. Peoples take satisfaction in using the best beans and blending them with the perfect grind and brewing process. When we meet friends, clients, and first dates for coffee because coffee shops are soothing, safe places. Caffeine withdrawal is a genuine concern since caffeine is a sedative, and if you’ve been ingesting a lot of caffeine regular for a long time, going cold turkey can be painful and you’ll waste a few days of your life, and you might just go after caffeine because you don’t want to administer with the withdrawal signs.

Butter coffee is the latest beverage that’s splitting the internet. There exists a stall in Delhi that markets butter-laden coffee. Lately, a video created by Amar Sirohi, a food blogger has gone viral. In it, a beverage stall owner can be viewed making a cup of “butter wali coffee”. Not that anyone’s requesting for the recipe but it goes like this – one cup of milk over a few spoons of coffee and a large slab of butter (read: I didn’t expect him to add the whole pack of Amul butter), another scoop of coffee and a few seconds under the milk steamer. It’s all topped with sugar and sprinkles of cocoa powder. Just to give you some connection, Amul butter is very salty so the effect of combining it with a piping hot cup of coffee with sugar could be ruinous.                                              Here’s how we can make it;

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After sharing the making process, the blogger moved on to take a few sips stating that the coffee is “unique”. He explained that it has a caramelized taste and it wasn’t as worst he thought it would be. Although butter coffee isn’t completely brand-new, it’s just the newest in a long line of strange food drifts that have gone viral in the past few weeks.


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