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No curtains in ‘Restaurants’ while serving food during Ramadan

According to an updated government circular, restaurants and hotel enterprises in Abu Dhabi will not have to place curtains or hindrances when serving food while Ramadan. The Department of Culture and Tourism in Abu Dhabi published a circular to all restaurants, tourist, and hotel establishments to present their catering service during the day, “without installing curtains or covering facades.”

The department stated in the renewed circular, published on Tuesday, that the judgment was revised to follow with tourism and hotel establishments’ enduring practices about catering during the fasting hours of Ramadan. The decision is not a fresh one in Abu Dhabi, as the tradition of serving meals out in the public during Ramadan was first executed in 2019.

Sharjah has also practiced proactive measures to feed non-Muslims for the forthcoming month of Ramadan and has approved restaurants to sell food while fasting hours. The Food Control Section at Sharjah Municipality verified that it has already taken many applications from food enterprises to serve food to non-Muslim communities during the daytime for Ramadan. The municipality also remarked that it had delayed the issuance of grants permitting establishments to showcase food on tables in front of stores and food outlets during Ramadan this year. The movement is part of the precautionary steps initiated to protect public health and safety.

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Ramadan protocol for non-Muslims; Non-Muslims do not have to fast in Ramadan. But, they are prohibited from eating, drinking, and smoking in public during fasting hours. This comprises chewing gum. Non-Muslims are also urged to adhere to the following:

  • Do not involve in any offensive behavior.
  • Do not dance or play music in public, although you may listen to music quietly with headphones.
  • Do not wear improper attire in public.
  • Do not swear, as blasphemy is recognized as extra offensive during Ramadan.
  • Do not ignore a gift, or an invitation to join someone for Iftar.

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