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Video Gamer cheated White house for weeks in the guise of “REPORTER”

While authorities over the world are fighting with false news, it seems that the Joe Biden regime has it more difficult. The White House has to also undertake the problem of ‘fake reporters’, particularly after it was found that they were responding to questions from a reporter who did not exist. For the past four press meetings, White House press secretary Jen Psaki has answered questions posed to her by journalists on behalf of a colleague who was healing from COVID-19. Nothing dubious here, until you recognize that this reporter, who names herself ‘Kacey Montagu’, is no journalist at all. She is, rather, a gamer on the online platform ROBLOX.

According to a report, Kacey Montagu did not just have a false status. She also worked for a false media outlet, named White House News. This was reduced in emails to WHN.In other information, Ms. Montagu pretended to be a journalist for The Daily Mail and said that she was a member of the White House Correspondents Association. This was also the attitude she practiced while communicating with White House reporters as well as administrators. The only catch is that Ms. Montagu is not a member of WHCA or The Daily Mail. Additionally, she also operated two Twitter handles that were supported by many journalists, and White House officials, Politico reported.

Ms. Montagu arranged up the Twitter accounts “WH Schedule” and “WH Pool Report” by which she shared information such as the daily records of the president, first lady, vice president, and the second gentleman. She also reposted real-time dispatches about the actions and statements of important leaders known as pool reports. Both accounts are now banned, according to The Independent. Outfitted with her famous Twitter accounts and way too important names in the government, Ms. Montagu had even registered Freedom of Information Act requests. She had taken Ms. Psaki’s financial disclosure form, as well as the disclosure of Jake Sullivan, the president’s national security adviser.

It is the “pretty bad job that the Press Crops is doing” that motivated Ms. Montagu to pull off this pose. When reached by a White House reporter about the impulse behind her activities, Ms. Montagu said, “I love journalism, and I think the Press Corps is doing a pretty bad job at the moment, so I decided I would ensure some transparency and ask some questions me and some friends wanted the answer to.”

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However, Ms. Montagu’s original status remains a mystery. While she stated Politico that she was studying Political Science, she informed US authorities, and nonprofit journalism and government-tracking outfits that she was an 18-year-old law student from the United Kingdom who was born in the U.S.Her prosperous mask comes as no wonder to some of her fellow gamers, who call themselves Legos. A user who operates by the name ‘pres. Arnie Vinick said, “She’s been bragging about it for a while.”After the revelation, an old LinkedIn profile, as well as a Google-hosted profile page for Ms. Montagu, is presently unavailable.


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