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52 passengers of Indian airline Vistara tested positive for coronavirus after landing!!!

Approximately 52 people from a separate flight from Delhi to Hong Kong have tested positive for Coronavirus, despite all passengers giving a negative coronavirus test before boarding. All of the passengers who tested positive traveled into Hong Kong on a flight from India’s capital, operated by the Indian airline Vistara on April 4.

Hong Kong as a whole has been reporting daily fresh infections than the total number discovered on the flight since it produced the fourth wave of infections under control in January. Meanwhile in India, the country’s healthcare system is crumbling under a destructive second wave of coronavirus that is killing more than 2,800 people a day in the country that is home to 1.3 billion people. A total of 188 passengers could have been on board the flight, but Hong Kong officials did not reveal how many people were on the aircraft. Health officials have declared that radical plane ventilation methods make the danger of contracting the virus from a fellow traveler is remarkably low, and there are many theories to describe the Hong Kong flight group apart from transmission on the plane.

Initially, they say the passengers could have been affected in India after their pre-flight Covid-19 test which had to be exerted within 72 hours of the flight. Second, India’s overloaded health system could have been unable to correctly identify the cases before they boarded the flight, or some passengers gave false test certificates. A third possibility is that the passengers could have pulled it up in one of the quarantine hotels in Hong Kong.
There could have been travelers affected with an unusually harsh strain of Covid-19 that could have moved between the passengers despite the filters on the plane ventilation methods. The positive results have surfaced during the mandatory three-week quarantine period imposed by Hong Kong. It is one of the most stringent entry measures in the world. All passengers flying into Hong Kong must give a negative test that was taken within 72 hours before departing and all of the passengers on the Hong Kong flight did so.

All travelers traveling Hong Kong must also take a compulsory Covid-19 on arrival to the nation before entering the three-week quarantine. Many cases have also been identified on flights landing in Hong Kong from Mumbai. India reported 2,812 Covid deaths overnight and infections in the last 24 hours increased to 352,991 on Monday a record height and a new global high for a fifth day running.

Health experts, including Feigl-Ding, say there is a possibility that some of the 52 passengers who have tested positive on the flight from Delhi were affected in India after their pre-flight Covid-19 test. Health experts also said India’s overloaded health system could have been inadequate to precisely identify the cases before they boarded the flight. Health experts also said there could have been those with an especially critical strain of Covid-19 which could have clearly around the plane in such a compressed space with people taking off their masks to have some food.

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Scientists from the University of Hong Kong are presently working with the city’s health department to order genomes from the passengers who tested positive to try and understand whether they were contaminated while on board. It is not known how many if any of the passengers on the flight had received a Covid-19 vaccine. At the time of the flight, less than five percent of India’s population had taken at least one dose of the jab. Indian airline Vistara said they did everything they could to minimize transmission of Covid-19.


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