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‘Reunion with a ring!’, thanks to social media

Michigan: The US woman has been reunited with a ring that she lost 46 years ago when she was in high school. As per the news website UPI, Mary Gazall-Beardslee, from Michigan, said, ‘she lost her class ring in 1975 and never expected to see it again until she received a message on Facebook from Chris Nord.’ Mr. Nord in the message told that he has got something that may belong to her. The woman was surprised when she saw the item he was talking about.

She told WNEM_TV, ‘I received a message in my messenger that said, ‘I have something that may belong to you.’ So, I was very cautious about opening it up. I thought, ‘oh no, it’s going to be spam or something’.’

The woman said that Mr. Nord had posted a photo of the ring on his Facebook page and it was broadly shared by other users. Ms. Gazall-Beardslee added that he had been looking for the owner of the ring for 20 years.

Mr. Nord’s initial post seeking information about the owner of the ring was shared by Powers Catholic High School, where Ms. Gazall-Beardslee studied. ‘Hoping to get our Class of 75 Charger connected with a lost class ring. Please contact us if this might be you,’ it read.

After the ring was reunited with her, Ms. Gazall-Beardslee responded to his high school post by thanking everyone for sharing it. ‘That is my ring, I lost it the summer after graduation. Forty-six years ago. I’ve been contacted by the person who found it…It’s a nice long story.’

Mr. Nord said his brother found the ring in a trash bin about 20 years ago. Mr. Nord said he had been keeping it ever since, and recently decided to use social media to search for the owner.


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