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Avoiding these mistakes will prevent mild coronavirus infection from turning into severe

New Delhi: The whole world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Till now millions of people had lost their lives to the deadly infection. The deadly virus first detected in Wuhan in China in December 2019 has developed into several muted strains.

As per medical experts, the coronavirus infection usually starts off as an asymptomatic or mild form. But the Covid fuelled cytokine storm, happy hypoxia could turn this into a severe one in a short span of time.  By avoiding certain mistakes we can prevent it from becoming severe ones

Denial of the infection or the lack of knowledge about the infection is the prime mistake that needs to be avoided. Everyone must be aware of the all common symptoms of the infection and must take necessary treatment even for a mild symptom. A covid test must be taken if you experience a mild symptom. Delayed testing is one of the major reason for the severity of the infection.

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Steroids are used to cure the infection in several cases. But not all cases of Covid infection require the use of steroids. So the indiscriminate use of steroids must be avoided. The use of steroids can cause severe health problems in cases of mild coronavirus infection. Medicines must be used only as per the advice of a doctor.

People who test positive for Covid-19 must consult a specialist doctor. Only a specialist with experience in treating infectious diseases can guide the patient, in turn making the recovery process fast.

Vital signs must be closely monitored and tracked from day one, specially SPO2 level and fever. Any minor change like a decrease in oxygen levels need to be taken seriously. People with other health issues must also monitor their blood sugar and pressure level at regular intervals.

People with suspected Covid, showing mild symptoms must seek medical advice and also undergo self-quarantine till their Covid test results are received.


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