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Want to protect your eyes? Here are some tips which you can practice very easily

Our eyes serve as a window that allows us to see the beauty in the world. A problem with the eyes can cause major inconvenience and discomfort. Even though the eyes are one of the most important organs in the human body, eye conditions and diseases are among the most common health problems. There may be times when discomfort is not the result of an underlying condition, but rather of strain or fatigue that can be overcome by exercise.

Here are some exercises that may help your eyes:

  • Focus change:

Keep your finger inches away from your eye.

Hold the focus and move your finger away from the face.

Move gaze to another object at a distance.

Refocus gaze on the finger.

While holding focus, move the finger towards the eye.

Move your gaze to another object at a distance.

Repeat the steps three times.

  • The 20-20 rule:

When working with a screen, look at an object 20 feet away.

Hold the gaze for at least 20 seconds.

Look away and repeat the above-mentioned steps every 20 minutes.

  • Eye moments:

Close your eyes and relax.

Move your eyes up and down three times.

Then move your eyes left and right three times.

  • Figure 8:

Look and focus on the floor at a distance of 8 feet.

You can make the number 8 by moving your eyes on the spot.

Keep doing the exercise for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Change direction and repeat.

  • Pencil image:

Keep a pencil at an arm’s length and between your eyes.

Focus on the pencil’s image until you see it as a single image.

Move pencil closer to nose till the single image of pencil disappears.

Move it back till the pencil is a single image again.

Repeat the steps 20 times.

There is no science to support the claim that eye exercises improve vision. Although eye exercises may not be effective, they won’t harm you either. It’s also essential to have your eyes checked regularly by an eye doctor. They can often identify and handle problems before noticeable symptoms begin.


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