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Actor recalls an event when a Youtube video declared him ‘dead’

Actor Siddharth recently revealed that he had come across a bizarre YouTube video claiming that he was dead. He naturally reported the video to YouTube so that it can be taken down for spreading false information. However, YouTube reverted back to him stating that they did not see a problem with the video. The incident completely shocked him, so he shared it on Twitter.

In the tweet, the actor was tagged by a fan who had found the video on YouTube first. The actor responded to the tweet by describing his conversation with YouTube. In his tweet, he writes, ‘I reported this video to youtube claiming that I’m dead many years ago.’ They replied, ‘Sorry there seems to be no problem with this video.’ Me : ada paavi”.

Here’s his hilarious tweet:

The video featured other celebrities who had passed away such as Soundarya and Aarthi Agarwal, and was titled ’10 South Indian celebrities who died young’.

In 2003, Siddharth made his acting debut in Tamil film ‘Boys’, directed by S Shankar. During his career, he appeared in popular films such as Mani Ratnam’s multi-starrer Aayutha Ezhuthu, Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Rang De Basanti and Bommarillu.

The actor is very active on social media and often comments about political leaders and national issues. In a few tweets, he also criticised how the government handled the COVID pandemic. As a result, he was referred to as the ‘Swara Bhasker of the south’ but he took the comment in stride as well.


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