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Try these tips to protect your precious jewellery in this monsoon season

This season of monsoon rains is vulnerable to damage, so take extra care of your jewels. In humid environments, jewelry is prone to catching fungus and other bacteria. Always keep an eye on your beautiful baubles as they should be kept away from moisture. Keep jewelry clean and tarnish-free to ensure that it remains looking brand new for years to come. Make sure your jewellery pieces are as clean as if you just bought them yesterday by following these tips.

1. Separate Boxes

Not just because of monsoons, it is a good idea to separate your metals and not keep them mixed at the same time. When it comes to pearls and gold, store them in separate containers. You may find some scratches if mixed. A velvet pouch with anti-tarnishing properties may be useful. Using these bags will protect your jewellery from airborne moisture.

2. Keep it dry

As much as possible, keep the jewellery away from water. They can be tarnished and look dull due to it. If you’re cleaning jewellery, however, use warm water so that the polish stays intact for a longer period of time.

3. Take extra care with silver jewellery

Silver jewellery requires extra care and attention during monsoons. Because silver jewellery is more prone to getting tarnished and losing its shine in humid temperatures, make sure the container in which it is stored is moisture-resistant. Put silica gel packets in your jewellery boxes to keep them shiny.

4. Make use of muslin cloth

Muslin cloth is ideal for storing gold jewellery. The best thing that you can do after wearing gold jewellery is always to clean it. Then cover it with muslin. You can use toothpaste, baking soda and a soft brush for this. Please make sure that you do not use this method for imitation jewellery.

5. Wipe diamond jewellery

To protect the diamonds, you should wipe them with a soft cloth when you come home to dry the water. Manually blow-dry the jewellery to remove any moisture. However, avoid using an electronic blow-dryer.

Follow these tips to ensure your jewellery lasts a long time. Enjoy this monsoon!


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