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60-year-old post-covid patient with ‘black & white fungus’ saved

Hyderabad: The doctors at the SLG Hospitals in Hyderabad saved the life of a 60-year-old man whose one lung was damaged by a combination of ‘black and white fungus’ after recovering from Covid-19. The condition, known as aspergilloma, is the first of its kind in a post-Covid patient.

Despite many cases of black fungus, which mainly infected nasal cavities, this is the first time a combination of black and white fungi has been found infecting a lung in a patient following a COVID procedure. Normally, this condition results from tuberculosis.

The patient, Rama Nageshwar Rao, was hospitalized on July 10 after a CT scan revealed acute lung damage to the lower lobe and a concave cavity in the left lung. ‘Aspergilloma is normally noticed among people with a weak immune system. While this is commonly found among patients suffering from tuberculosis, finding it as an after-affect of Covid-19 infection is a first. This condition of damaged lungs causes a cavity and could result in a fatality at an advanced stage,’ said Dr. Vivek Babu Bojjawar, Consultant Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon at SLG Hospitals.

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Rama Nageshwar Rao underwent a lobectomy surgery and the virus ball along with traces of the damaged lung were successfully removed. ‘This condition can be viewed as a long-term side-effect of Covid-19 infection, and such conditions need to be identified and treated early before they become health emergencies and require surgery,’ said Dr. Vivek Babu.

As the number of Coronavirus cases increases in the country, numerous cases of severe black fungus infection or mucormycotic infection, which can be fatal, have emerged. The black fungus infection was itself endemic in certain regions of the country. This new ailment presents a fresh challenge to the healthcare system.


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