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This WhatsApp trick lets you read messages, but also dupe the sender

We shifted from traditional meetings to virtual ones as the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread. As a result of these unprecedented times, messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram and others have experienced huge growth. Now that most issues have moved online, principally to messenger apps like WhatsApp, the scenario has developed into somewhat trickier.

Here is an example, suppose someone has sent you a message that you don’t want to read. Now you can opt to not see it, as technology has provided us with the choice of reading the message or hiding its contents. Though it can be considered sneaky, it is useful in certain situations and is considered the best approach.

What is the best way to make the sender think that you haven’t read the WhatsApp message? Go to your WhatsApp app’s Read Receipts tab and turn it off.  However, that is not enough. You need to put in a little more effort. Reading receipts basically control the blue ticks that appear against every message sent, indicating that the receiver has read the message. Also, grey ticks indicate that the message was delivered but not read by the receiver. There is one grey tick mark to indicate that a message has been sent but not yet delivered.

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To keep those two tick marks from turning blue, you need to know a trick. In the Settings menu, click on Account, followed by Privacy. Turn off the Read Receipts feature. This feature works both ways, so you won’t be able to find out whether the other person has read any of your messages. Also, it’s a good idea to hide your online status.  A simple trick like turning off the internet connection would also be very helpful. By triggering Airplane mode or switching off data, you can go offline.


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