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Taliban fighters surround a TV anchor as he gives a message of peace

On Twitter, Afghan journalists posted a video showing a petrified TV anchor surrounded by armed Taliban fighters, telling the people not to be afraid and to co-operate with the new government The clip, shared on Twitter by BBC reporter Kian Sharifi and Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad, shows at least eight Taliban fighters, as well as the host of a political debate program, reading a Taliban statement.

‘With Taliban fighters standing behind him, Afghan TV’s Peace Studio’s presenter said the Islamic Emirate (Taliban’s preferred name) wanted the public to cooperate with it and not be afraid,’ Sharifi tweeted. In another tweet, Sharifi said the show is called Pardaz, and the presenter interviewed a Taliban fighter who ‘presumably outranks everyone else in the studio’. Deutsche Welle reported last week that Taliban fighters killed the relative of one of its journalists. According to a German public broadcaster, the Taliban searched house-to-house for the journalist, who works in Germany now. At least three other DW journalists’ homes were also raided by the Taliban, the broadcaster said.

Journalist who escaped from Afghanistan revealed that the Taliban have been trying to find women and girls above the age of 15 to marry off to their fighters. Despite the Taliban’s claims of respect for women, Hollie McKay reported in The Dallas Morning News that the terrorists were forcing girls into marriage or raping them. In her own experience, while she was in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif as it fell last Saturday, McCay saw the bustling city brimming with women instantly turn into a ghost town. ‘Only a few women ventured out into the sunshine, shrouded in blue burqas and not heard nor seen,’ said McKay.

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Although she was able to leave Mazar-e-Sharif, her Afghan friends who remain behind are gripped with fear of the unknown. In her remarks, McKay recalled how women had suffered So much for their freedom in the country, only to see them taken by a touch of the insurgent’s finger. McKay also spoke about Fariha Easer, an activist from Afghanistan she met many years ago. As a voice for Afghan women suffering great hardships in the country, Fariha has decided to stay. ‘My friends on the outside are begging me to leave my country, but how can I when my sisters suffer?’Fariha responded.



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