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Virtual influencer, who is not aging, stands to earn Rs 6 crore this year

A social media influencer needs very little money but a lot of talent. It allows a person to set their own working hours as well as other benefits that come with fame. Naturally, the competition is stiff. However, artificial intelligence (AI) is now taking humans out of the game. Companies are creating virtual humans that perform the same tasks as real people using artificial intelligence. The benefit to the companies is that no privacy scandals or time/space restrictions are concerned. In the advertising industry, this new business model is quickly becoming a blue chip. Rozy, a virtual human created by South Korea’s Sidus Studio X, already earns big bucks for its creator.

As of now, Rozy has 100 sponsors and is expected to gain over KRW 854,007 (roughly Rs. 6.29 crores) by the end of the year, according to Baek Seung Yeop, CEO of the studio that created it, as quoted in Allkpop, a US-based K-pop blog. Sidus Studio X created Rozy in August of last year as a 22-year-old girl, and she will remain the same age forever. Despite maintaining an active online presence since December, she gained wide attention after an advertisement for an insurance firm in July, reports Allkpop.

Rozy was created after Seung Yeopexplained that due to controversies, celebrities are sometimes withdrawn from dramas that they had been filming, but virtual humans don’t have such problems. Rozy was designed without looking for a specific person or a western model as a standard, Seung Yeop explained. According to him, he has advertised twice with Rozy and is working on eight additional exclusive deals. ‘She has landed more than 100 sponsorships now, but we have not been able to process them yet,’ he added.

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In the CEO’s opinion, virtual humans are popular because hiring agencies don’t have to worry about the shooting being suspended due to controversies. A location can also be created through computer graphics, so the AI model is not limited by time and space. Rozy is very active on Instagram. Now the studio plans to expand Rozy’s work area to include movies, dramas, and TV shows.


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