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You’re At Risk! Read Why You Shouldn’t Carry Your Phone While Going To The Toilet…

If you also take your smartphone to the toilet, be careful, because you may face many problems due to this habit. Using your smartphone in the washroom is not a good idea: According to a recent survey, about 90 percent of people use their phones while in the bathroom. When they are at the toilet, they are unable to keep their distance from the phone. Think about these points before taking your phone to the washroom if you are also one of those who do so.

Infection Risk
It is well-known that the bathroom is full of various types of germs. There will be germs on the phone when you go to the toilet with it. The phone cannot be washed with soap and water like your hands or body, so these germs remain on it. Germs from the bathroom can travel to other places if you keep the phone in your hands the whole time. Salmonella and E. coli are some of the germs found in bathrooms that can make people ill. It is possible for infections to spread from them.

Stomach Disease Risk
You sit there for a long time when you go to the toilet with your phone because your mind is constantly on the phone. You are putting unnecessary pressure on your rectum, which puts you at risk of developing hemorrhoids. On top of that, if you already suffer from a stomach or gas issue, putting excessive pressure on the rectum could exacerbate your condition.

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There is no break and time is wasted 
When you use your phone to go to the bathroom, you spend more time than necessary. This messes up your entire schedule for the day. Furthermore, in today’s age when everyone is working on some screen, he will have time to take a break from the screen while going to the washroom. Taking your phone with you there also means you’ll miss this opportunity.




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