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Common mistakes you might be making when using condoms

It is a fact that most of the people make simple mistakes while using condoms. As per a study, around three-quarters of people will make a mistake when using condoms. And these mistakes can lead to pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Not checking the condom packet for damage:   Condoms get damaged easily. They also get warm as you keep it in your wallet, bag or pocket and this damages them. So never a use a condom that have  been there for more than one month.

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Not checking the expiry date: Every condom has an expiry date.  It is printed on the wrapper. So must check expiry date before you buy. Never buy a condom if the expiry date is passed as it will provide no protection.

Not being careful when opening the condom wrapper: You must be careful while opening a condom. Before opening the wrapper, feel for the rib of the condom inside the packaging and push  this to the side. By this the condom will not be damaged.  Never use  scissors or anything sharp to open the condom.


Putting the condom on after sex has started: Always wear condom before you start sex or before your genitals come into contact with your partners

Not holding the tip when applying the condom: Before wearing a condom squeeze the tip of it to get rid of any air. Otherwise the condom is likely to break.

Putting the condom on the wrong way up, then turning it over: Putting the condom on the wrong way is a common mistake. You must avoid that condom and wear a new one.

Taking the condom off too soon: Whenever your genital or anal areas are in contact, you should use a condom. It is never ok to remove a condom in the middle of sex without telling your partner. This practice is known as ‘stealthing’ or non-consensual condom removal, and is a form of sexual assault.

Using a condom that’s too big or too small: It’s important to wear the correct size condom.

Not changing condoms during sex: If you are switching from anal sex to vaginal sex, or vice versa, you should use a new condom.


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