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‘Angry Birds’: Bird attacks drone delivering coffee in Australia. Watch video

A business owner in Australia developed a game-changing delivery method that met a strange challenge – an angry bird. During a home delivery, a drone flying to deliver a package to a caffeine-craving customer nearly went off balance due to a raven attacking it, leaving the customer stunned. A video of the attack has gone viral on social media.

The drones were first spotted in Harrison, a Canberra suburb, where a raven swooped down on the delivery device after taking offense. While waiting for his cuppa, Ben Roberts noticed that the drone was under attack by a bird pecking very hard at the device in a bid to take it down .

The Herald Sun reports that the drones are operated by Wing, a program run by Google to deliver small products like food, medicine, and coffee. As the large bird attacked, the drone had difficulty with keeping its flights. The drone was eventually able to correct its position and delivered the item tied to a rope to Roberts.

Here’s the video:

Raven attacks drone delivering coffee

A Canberra man thought using a drone to deliver coffee would be fast—until a bird started attacking it. https://abcn.ws/3AAT8iz

Posted by ABC News on Thursday, September 23, 2021

Affirming its commitment to environmental causes, the company informed the customer that it would have ornithologists investigate the incident.

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However, this was not an isolated incident. Recently, at least two such aerial devices were nearly brought down by large ravens in the area. According to The Times, following the attacks, the company was forced to suspend its drone operations to protect the birds and its devices.

According to ABC Net, as nesting season coincides with a surge in drone deliveries during Canberra’s pandemic-induced lockdown, the battle for aerial dominance has risen. Neil Hermes, an ornithologist, told the ABC Net, ‘attacking drones is new’ for ravens, but they attack anything if they consider it a threat to their nests. ‘If you were to interview the birds today, I think you would find they felt that they’d won,’ said Herman.


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