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President considers banning the consumption of dog meat

The time has come for the South Korean president Moon Jae-in to end the practice decried by animal cruelty activists. Moon Jae-in plans to formally ban the consumption of dog meat in the country. In a call with PM Kim Boo-kyum on Monday, Moon said the government should consider banning dog meat consumption, according to the presidential office. Kim briefed Moon on measures to improve managing abandoned animals.

Several countries consume dog meat, including South Korea, which has been criticized for its use of bludgeoning, hanging, and electrocution to kill the animals. In accordance with Edaily, the government will announce new measures no later than Thursday.

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Yonhap News Agency reports that South Korean animal protection laws are designed to prevent cruelty to animals, not to prevent the consumption of dog meat. With dog meat consumption dropping sharply over the past few years, the public has turned away from it. A growing number of Koreans have also taken to owning pets, especially dogs and cats, which they consider to be family members.


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