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Mysterious disappearance of Kim Jong Un: Backstage story.

Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader had vanished from public eye several times in 2021, between January and May, prompting some analysts who follow Kim’s every move to speculate that he was unwell.

According to an investigation by NK News, Kim Jong Un was actually reviewing designs for wine bottles, cargo ships, and school uniforms while he disappeared from public life numerous times this year

Kim’s absences corresponded to the dates exhibited at Pyongyang’s national industrial art exhibition conducted on Thursday, which revealed that Kim was judging the designs, KN News reports indicated.

Video footage from the occasion, carried by the state-run KCTV news network, showed a giant display board listing 25 days this year when Kim was ‘guiding’ some 110 designs to their completion.

According to NK News, the majority of the dates fell between February and May, with a few more in August.

NK news said that Kim had taken over seven breaks in 2021, each lasting at least two weeks. In 2020, he was missing for significant periods of time. Following a nearly month-long seclusion, Kim resurfaced in public in June, looking significantly slimmer than before.

Kim was evaluating concepts for branding related with the Wonsan-Kalma beach resort in May, just before he returned, the reports said. He also spent much of February judging logo concepts for a new tourist resort near the northern city of Samjiyon.

Kim had also directed designs for various wine bottles, school uniforms, trolleybuses, double-decker buses, and a 12,000-ton cargo ship for the national industrial art display, NK News revealed.

Kim’s weight and health have long been considered risk factors for the North Korean dictatorship and had sparked conjecture about who would succeed him if he died suddenly, Ryan Pickrell from Business Insider reported.


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