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Terrible internship! Cuffed 22-year-old woman to a pole for job, read more…

To get a desired job a majority of people go through grueling internships and it can be brutal, although some interns are creative and leave their employers bewildered with what they have learnt. In central London, a 22-year-old management student was handcuffed to a pole in a standing position. The photo of the incident was uploaded by Anya Jackson, who wrote that it was a paid stint and the suggestion was also hers. Jackson stood with a sign ‘World’s most embarrassing internship. Single? Download Thursday. #Cuffingseason’.


Check out this post: 
A target of £25 or Rs 2,567 was given to her, as well as a thousand sign-ups for the application. In order to get people to sign up for her program, she got handcuffed to a pole and held a sign. Then she posted the picture on LinkedIn. Additionally, she states that her manager uncuffed her as soon as she received the 1,000 signatures.

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It garnered mixed reactions, although some were upset that the stunt was ‘disturbing’ and it seemed excessive for an internship posting. The stunt was also deemed exploitative and demeaning by some users. Although some appreciated for her creative skills she received plenty of support and several job offers. Social media has gone wild over the picture posted on Jackson’s LinkedIn account. The post has received over 14,000 likes as well as 1,000 comments.


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