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The days have come when you cannot carry aromatic food additives anywhere! Read this story here …

Someone blaming you for a crime or mistake you did not commit is absolutely devastating, right? It’s even more frustrating when they don’t even listen to you.  In Oklahoma, a woman was sent out of a church for allegedly bringing marijuana, while in reality all she brought was coriander.

According to Ashley Antiveros, she was accused of bringing drugs to a service involving inmates at Redemption United Methodist Church on Sunday. Inmates are able to attend church services through a program with the Department of Corrections. The woman was there to see her sister, who was incarcerated and brought oregano and cilantro for her soup.  It was posted on Tik-Tok, where a church member constantly told her: ‘You have to leave now. You’re not bringing drugs here’.

She asked them to smell the cilantro leaves in order to convince them that it was not marijuana. A pastor told Ashley that he was in the middle of a sermon and that she needed to ‘chill out’ so they could discuss it afterward.

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Later, police arrived and began investigating the entire incident. The woman proved to be innocent following the investigation. In response to questions from the church authorities, the church said that ‘family members, visitors, and guests are welcome to attend the services as well, but were not allowed to bring food items to inmates to be taken back to correctional facilities’ and Ashley was allowed to attend the church services from the coming week .


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