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Here are some tips to improve your WiFi connection

WiFi routers are like a member of the household today. The router is a tool for everyone at home to study, work, play games and watch videos online. If the router has a weak signal, one can call it a day. The location of the router is also important to get a better signal. Placing the router in the right place with a little care will help improve the signal.

The signals on the WiFi router are not one-way. Routers emit signals in such a way that coverage is available all around. So the signal strength will improve if it is shifted to the middle insteadĀ of being tucked away in the corner of the room. The router should be placed slightly away from areas with heavy metal objects or heavy-duty electronic equipment. Having a TV, refrigerator, baby monitor, or Bluetooth headset nearby can affect the router’s performance. Most WiFi routers use the 2.4 GHz wireless band. If there are Bluetooth speakers or baby monitors using the same category of airwaves, it may affect the signal.

Experts say it is better to replace the routers near the fish tank and the mirror. Transmission speed may be reduced as water blocks the WiFi signal. A mirror that reflects the signal will also reduce the performance of the router. It is best to keep the router slightly elevated to receive the signal well. Different model routers with antennae inside and outside are available today. There are also routers with one or two antennas. If you have a router with 2 antennas, placing the antennas vertically will also increase the performance of the router.


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