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UP: Stampede like situation develops at Congress’ women’s marathon in Bareilly


Bareilly: A situation similar to stampede occurred in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareilly on Tuesday, during a women’s marathon ‘Ladki hoon, Lad Sakti hoon’ organised by the Congress party. The marathon was organized ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Assembly polls scheduled to take place early this year.


In the video, hundreds of girls were seen waiting for the marathon to start. As the marathon started, the participants standing in the first row fell to the ground and the participants from behind also lost their balance and fell over.

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Reacting to the situation, BJP leader Priti Gandhi slammed Congress for organising such an event and asked, ‘is it right to play with human lives to fulfil your political ambitions?’. ‘Shocking visuals from Bareilly, #UttarPradesh!! A stampede-like situation has occurred at the Congress marathon. Several girls fell and have been hurt. Thankfully no lives were lost. Is it right to play with human lives to fulfil your political ambitions, @priyankagandhiji?’, the BJP leader tweeted. While @priyankagandhi sat cosily at home, thousands of young girls were used as pawns, made to risk their lives for her political campaign. There has to be some accountability and answerability for this serious lapse. Please respond Priyanka ji!’ she further said in a tweet.



Meanwhile, Congress leader Supriya Aron who organised this marathon claimed that when such events take place, these minor incidents take place. ‘When such events take place, these incidents could take place. But we will take care that no such incident takes place in future’, the Congress leader said. ‘I have ordered the city magistrate to investigate the matter and give a report soon’, Manvendr Singh, District Magistrate Bareilly told the media.


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