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Retd IPS officer removed from WhatsApp group in MP over communal post

A retired Indian Police Service (IPS) officer was expelled from the Madhya Pradesh IPS officers’ WhatsApp group, after refusing to erase an inappropriate message against the Muslim community on Friday.

Maithili Sharan Gupta, a 1984 batch IPS officer, sent a message in the WhatsApp group ‘IPS MP’ that contained offensive information regarding Muslims, prompting the state’s director general of police (DGP) Vivek Johri to advise him not to make similar postings in the group and to erase the post.

When Gupta refused to delete the message, the DGP asked one of the group admins to intervene. The group admin then called Gupta and urged him to remove the offensive remark. The Group Admin removed the retired senior IPS officer from the IPS MP WhatsApp group when he refused to erase the message.

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When questioned about the situation, Gupta defended himself and stated, ‘I don’t think there was anything objectionable in the post, I posted what is true. I’ve written what is true to depict the sufferings of Hindus in their own country’.

The former IPS officers posted a YouTube channel link in response to poet Javed Akhtar’s recent argument in favour of the forebears of today’s Muslims choosing India as their home.

Along with the YouTube link, the retired IPS officer posted, ‘Muslim League won from those places which are part of India today. Those who voted for Muslim League stayed back in India, if India was dear to them, then did they vote for creating Pakistan’.

In the same post, the retired senior IPS officer added, ‘the Kaale Angrez allowed them to stay back in India and made them sit on the head of Hindus and gave them more rights than Hindus. The Kaale Angrez also made them Education Minister, resulting in distortion of our history. Still, we’ve allowed the Kaale Angrez to stay in power, even after death’.

When inquired who is referred to as Kaale Angrez (Black Britishers) in his article, the retired officer stated people who were given authority by the Britishers.


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