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Wedding dance to a ‘provocative’ Syrian song led to divorce

Iraq’s Baghdad has witnessed the fastest divorce in history, with a groom divorcing the bride for dancing and playing provocative Syrian music at the couple’s wedding. Reports claim that the Syrian song ‘Mesaytara’ – which translates to ‘I am dominant’ or ‘I will control you’, hurt the groom, and he ended up divorcing at the ceremony itself.

It explains that the groom and his family considered the rhythm of ‘Mesaytara’ a provocation and were not happy with it. The groom and his family had an argument with his bride soon after, and he ended up divorcing her. When translated, the first part of the song roughly says, ‘I am dominant; you will be governed by my strict instructions. You are my lump of sugar; As long as you are with me, you will walk under my command; I am arrogant, I am arrogant,’ the song goes on.

A song hasn’t been the only cause of divorce for newlyweds before. A Jordanian man also broke up with his bride last year after she played this song during their wedding. In another incident, Lebanon saw a similar incident decades ago due to the song ‘I love you donkey’. According to local media reports, the groom divorced his wife after she danced to the song at the wedding.


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