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Enjoy these yummy Indian fusion drinks at any time of the day!

What comes to mind when you consider combination drinks? Combining the flavor of two unmistakable culinary styles. Whether it’s apparel, adornments, or beverages, Indians like to add the desi touch to everything. Thus begins our love for fusion cuisine! With fusion, you can mix familiar and unfamiliar ingredients to create a new and intriguing beverage.  Here are some fusion drinks that you should try.

Jamun Shots
There are many names for Jamun or black plum — jambul, java plum and jamblang. The fruit is not just delicious; it also boasts health benefits. All parts of the jamun and plant can be used to treat a number of diseases. If you add a bit of salt to this fruit, the taste will be mildened, which is sure to surprise you after you taste it.

Gulkand Strawberry Milkshake
Every time of the year, the Gulkand Strawberry Milkshake is a treat. With a rose petals jam flavor, this pretty pink drink is all-natural, light, and fresh! This milkshake is a cool and refreshing drink made with milk and spices. This is one of everyone’s favorites because it’s flavorful and thick with rose petals.

Milk soda
The classic Indian fusion drink milk soda is made by mixing milk with sweetened soda and basil seeds. The classic Indian fusion drink milk soda is made by mixing sweetened soda with basil seeds and milk.

Lemon drop shots
Lemon drop shots taste lemony, sweet, and sour, and they are fun to drink. It combines the sweetness of sugar with the tartness of lemon. It’s a vodka-based cocktail that has a lemony, sweet, and sour flavour. The lemon drop cocktail is a variant of the vodka martini. Originally served in a cocktail glass, the lemon drop takes its name from lemon drop candy.

Thandai Rabdi
Known as Thandai Rabdi in India, it is a thicker version of the popular Thandai drink. It works best after meals or on special occasions and festivals. You only need five ingredients to make this dessert. Thandai flavoured milk is cooked over low heat until it becomes thick and creamy. After that, the dishes are served in small terracotta pots with slivered nuts garnished on top.

Watermelon, Mint and Lime slushie
Watermelon Mint Lime Slushies provide the taste of summer in a cup. This sorbet combines sugary watermelon flavor with lime juice and mint for a fresh, sweet, and fragrant experience. This recipe contains no refined sugars, grains, nuts, or dairy products.

Karupatti Coffee
One of the healthiest forms of coffee is Karupatti Coffee. The delicious fusion recipe is a must-try for all coffee lovers. The drink is very popular in Tamil Nadu. The perfect drink for an evening snack at 5:00 p.m. It’s made with palm jaggery, which makes it the healthiest coffee you’ve ever tasted.

Raspberry Shikanji
Raspberry Shikanji is an Indian lemonade containing Emergen-C, ginger, jaggery, cumin, lemon juice, mint, and basil. This recipe combines raspberry with lemon for a tangy delight. You can substitute frozen raspberries or other citrus fruits if you cannot find fresh raspberries.

Phirni Falooda Trifles
Trifle and falooda are a fusion in this recipe. The rice flour milk pudding phirni is very popular in northern India, while the falooda is another delicious street food drink. So how about combining the two and creating a fusion dessert? It can be customized and presented in any way you like.

Paan shots
Drinks made with paan leaves or betel leaves are known as ‘paan shots’ or ‘paan sharbat’. They have a similar flavor to falooda. The drink contains a variety of paan flavours, along with the scent and taste of roses.


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