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IIT researchers develops technique to diagnose COVID using chest X-ray

IIT Jodhpur researchers have created a unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that can detect irregularities in chest X-ray pictures and distinguish between a Covid-19 impacted lung and a non-Covid affected lung. The researchers have proposed for the method to be called COMiT-Net.

According to a statement by IIT Jodhpur, ‘The developed AI algorithm not only predicts whether the CXR has Covid-19 pneumonia or not, but it is also capable of identifying the infected regions in the lungs, thus making them explainable’.

More than 2,500 chest X-ray pictures were used in the experiment, which yielded a sensitivity of 96.80%. The technology analyses data only from the lungs.

‘While there have been numerous research studies in Covid-19 detection using X-ray or CT scans in the past years, most of them fail to provide an explainable solution. The uniqueness of this research is the proposed study which can visually showcase the region which is infected’, the statement added.

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As per IIT Jodhpur, the Artificial Intelligence approach utilised in this study is explainable from both an algorithmic and medical points of view.

The journal ‘Pattern Recognition (Volume 122)’ published a research paper on this topic. The study is part of the RAKSHAK project at IIT Jodhpur, which is funded by NM-CPS DST and iHuB Drishti. The researchers want to use the insights gained from this project to create a full-scale prototype.


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