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Video shows elephants struggling to cross tracks to enter tracks Railways takes action

A video of an elephant family attempting to pass barriers alongside a railway track in Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu has gone viral, reigniting debate over the need for wildlife corridors. As soon as the video became viral, the Railway Ministry acted quickly to clear a path for the animals to travel.

While mitigation barriers surrounding highways and railway tracks are intended to reduce the likelihood of accidents and animal-human conflicts, elephants in the video were observed straining to rejoin the neighbouring forest. The calves and adults were seen strolling on the train line before they could safely jump over and pass the wall, according to a video uploaded on Twitter by Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer Supriya Sahu.

Fortunately, there were no approaching trains as the herd crossed, but the IAS officer couldn’t stop mentioning the possible hazards of the barrier to animal mobility. Sahu described the footage as distressing, adding: ‘Need to have a mandatory SOP for all infra agencies towards sensitive wildlife-friendly design & execution’.

Many individuals joined Sahu in expressing their outrage and advocating for better animal mobility measures, such as the construction of wildlife corridors, also known as habitat corridors.

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Later, Sahu provided an update to highlight how quickly wildlife agencies and railroads collaborated to take action. The barriers along the rails were observed being dismantled in a second video she shared. ‘When we work together we come out with solutions’, she wrote. On social media, many praised the IAS officer’s efforts and applauded the Railways Ministry for acting quickly.


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