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Revealed: China cultivating villagers along India’s border for potential conflicts

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is reportedly trying to build ties with Tibetan populations along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) as part of efforts to strengthen its border security. In fact, according to reports, PLA chefs are even deployed to teach Tibetans how to make ‘Chinese dishes’.

According to reports, the development was reported on an official Chinese portal. In the report, the situation in Yumai, a Chinese village, was described. China’s last big border village can be found a few kilometers from the Upper Subansiri district in India’s Arunachal Pradesh. The village is located in Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

The PLA’s courting of the villagers is seen as a strategy to secure their support for China in the event of a border conflict with India. Tibetan herders in the village had written a letter to Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2017. Herders are referred to in the letter as the ‘guardians of Chinese territory’. Moreover, he expressed the hope that herders will ‘motivate’ others.

Observing the developments mentioned in the report, the Chinese Army seems to have taken steps in this direction. The Chinese soldiers have been instructed to check on the elderly in Yumai village to ensure their safety and comfort. Tibetan households are being taught Chinese dishes by Chinese chefs.

According to the report, five ‘homestays’ have been set up for tourists. The rooms are equipped with wifi, oxygen generators, and televisions. Two military doctors visit the village every week to care for the sick. From a ‘three-person township’ in 1999 to one with 30 residents in 2009, the ‘three-person township’ grew. According to Chinese media reports, the village now has 200 residents.


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