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Bluetooth caught red handed! Implanted Bluetooth device discovered in exam hall

An administrator at the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College of Bhopal stated that a student who was taking the final MBBS examination had a miniature Bluetooth device surgically implanted in his ear to facilitate cheating.

The event occurred 11 years after the student got admitted to college but failed his final exams many times and this was his final chance to clear it. Dr Sanjay Dixit, dean at the medical college said, ‘He was taking the General Medicine exam on Monday with 78 others when a flying squad of the Devi Ahilya Bai University headed by its deputy registrar Rachna Thakur reached the place’.

A team member Dr Vivek Sathe frisked the student and discovered a phone in the inside pocket of his pant. According to Dr Dixit, the phone was turned on and linked to a Bluetooth device. However, the crew was unable to locate a Bluetooth device. After further interrogation, the student admitted to having a skin-coloured tiny Bluetooth device implanted in his ear by an ENT surgeon.

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Another student was discovered with a small SIM-powered gadget and a mini Bluetooth device, but the student assured the squad that it was not surgically implanted and could be removed with a pin. According to Thakur, the gadgets have been forwarded to an internal examination committee, which will decide whether or not to file a police report for employing unfair techniques in an exam.


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