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Maintain healthy nails with these tips

Nails are the most mistreated portion of the body. We frequently see skincare and haircare trends on the internet, but we seldom hear any influencers talk about how to care for nails. It is critical to be conscious of the needs of the nails, just as it is for the rest of our bodies, and to groom and clean them on a regular basis.

While many individuals rely on manicure treatments at least once a month, some may find them to be financially draining. To be honest, though, a once-in-a-while manicure session isn’t enough to keep your nails in good health and sanitation. It may surprise you to learn that your nails need to be pampered on a regular basis at home. Here are some tips to take care of nails:

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Moisturise the nail folds

It is important to keep your nails moisturised in order to retain their health. If you have dull, lacklustre nails, using oil on a daily basis will help you overcome this problem.

Protect the cuticle

When it comes to nail care, don’t forget about the cuticles, which seal and protect the nail root from water and other irritants. Cuticles need to be taken care of because if they are broken, water can leak into the nail folds and induce plate alterations.

Supplements of brittle nails

According to some health experts, brittle or damaged nails can be caused by specific lifestyle disorders such as thyroid issues, thus iron, zinc and biotin supplements would be incredibly beneficial in reducing brittleness.


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