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On weight-loss diet? Satisfy your cravings with this healthy paneer pizza


The hardest part about dieting is missing your favourite foods, and most of the time, those are the reason that hold us back from taking serious ‘healthy’ decisions. Weight loss is important, not just to lose excess weight, but also to stay healthy and fit. We can’t afford to let ‘cravings’ get in the way and spoil the setup. Instead, embark on the weight loss journey without compromising your taste and health, by making healthier versions of our favourite foods.

Such a recipie on the plate is a version of ‘Paneer Pizza’. Yes, Pizza can be healthy too, just make sure that you keep an eye on the ingredients that you use. The recipe is so healthy and tasty that you would binge on it on your weight loss diet, totally guilt-free.

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First of all, make pizza sauce with tomatoes, garlic, basil leaves and Italian seasonings in olive oil. Then smear the pizza base with the sauce and top it with onions, capsicum, tomatoes and olives. Grate a block of cottage cheese all over it and bake it in the oven or cook covered in a pan. To be on the healthy side, wheat flour pizza base can replace refined flour base, paneer (cottage cheese) replaces processed cheese, and olive oil replaces butter.

With all the healthy and loved ingredients, now indulge in your favourite dish without having to count the calories. Do not let the cravings to bring you down! Never!


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