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Why ‘Red Cloth’ is Used to Wrap Biryani Pots; Get The Reason Here…

It is reasonable to believe that biryani is a popular meal among many people. And it’s unusual to encounter someone whose taste senses aren’t enticed by its delectable scent. This one meal has several variations, ranging from Hyderabadi biryani to Lucknow’s unique biryani. One thing they all have in common is a red cloth wrapped over a biryani pot. The sight of red cloth wrapped around a biryani handi is frequent, whether at a roadside fast-food stand or a high-end restaurant.

Have you ever wondered why biryani pans are wrapped in crimson cloth? The origins of the explanation may be traced back to the period of Emperor Humayun during the Mughal Empire. It is believed that there was an obligatory court custom in the kitchen at the time. All utensils used for keeping food were to be wrapped in crimson fabric according to this tradition. The Mughals considered crimson to be a sign of good fortune, warmth, joy, and love.

However, other people think that the red colour draws people’s attention to the pot of biryani, which is why it is wrapped with a red cloth. Whatever the cause, it’s difficult to turn down a platter of steaming biryani. Aren’t you of the opinion that this is the case? After all, the classic dish laden with spices has the ability to send the palate on a wild goose chase. And on any given day, it’s difficult to say no to a platter of biryani. Biryani is the most popular dish at any party or company excursion.


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