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The immersive view feature has been added to Google Maps; Get the details here…

Google Maps has developed an immersive view feature that will allow users to get a sense of the location they intend to visit. ‘With our new immersive view, you’ll be able to experience what a neighborhood, landmark, restaurant, or famous venue is like — and even feel like you’re actually there before you ever step foot inside,’ said Miriam Daniel, VP of Google Maps, in a blog post.

A time slider function allows users to examine how a location appears at different times of the day and in different weather conditions. The new feature combines street view and aerial imagery to create a digital representation of the Earth. Users, for example, may get an overhead picture of a restaurant and glide down to street level to explore adjacent eateries, watch current bustle, and surrounding traffic. They may even look inside to get a sense of the venue before reserving it.

Immersive view will work on any phone or gadget. Google claimed it will be available in Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo later this year, with additional cities to follow. In addition to the United States and Canada, where it was just established, the firm is spreading its eco-friendly routing to further locations such as Europe. When browsing for driving instructions, the function allows users to examine and select a more fuel-efficient route.

Google is also introducing a new way to search using images. Users will now be able to utilize an image or screenshot and add ‘near me’ to view alternatives for nearby restaurants or businesses that provide the fashion, home products, and food in the picture that the user desires to buy and experience. In addition, the firm is adding a new function in Google Lens called ‘scene exploration,’ which allows users to move their camera and quickly gain information about several things in a larger scene rather than just a single object, as was previously available.


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