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Know the side effects of condoms

Condoms are considered as the most effective way to prevent Sexually Transmitted diseases (STDs) and unwanted pregnancy. It is the most common birth control technique used in the world as it is easy to use.But condoms do have some side-effects. And here are they.

Allergy: Condoms are made of latex. Some people experience an allergic response to the protein in the rubber. This is very rare.  It is best advised for people who have latex allergy to switch to synthetic condoms.

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Acquiring other STDs: Condoms are proven highly effective against HIV and reduce the risk of other STDs. However, they do not afford protection against sexually transmitted diseases that can affect the outer layers of the skin, such as scabies infections and molluscum contagiosum.

Risk of pregnancy: Condoms are mostly used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. However, when used correctly condoms can only guarantee 98% protection and if used in an improper manner 15 out of 100 women get pregnant.


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