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‘It was a lonely journey when I started speaking about climate change’; Bhumi Pednekar on World Environment Day

Bollywood actress Bhumi Pednekar, a crusader on climate change and environmental issues, says that it was a lonely path when she first began speaking out.


‘I don’t remember the first time I became environmentally conscious,’ she elaborates. ‘Climate change is real, as we were taught in school, thus there was data to back up this view. I’ve been working on the cause since then, although subconsciously. Obviously, when I was a young adult, there weren’t nearly as many people talking about the issue as there are now. Today, the entire movement is headed by young adults, but it was a very lonely path for me back then because I didn’t have many like-minded people.’


The 32-year-old, who is presently filming The Lady Killer with Arjun Kapoor, organised a forest drive in collaboration with a children’s charity. She goes on to say that as she became a celebrity, she found more people who agreed with her. ‘Not just the fact that it is a less lonely journey now. A lot more people believe that the largest threat looming over humanity is climate change. There’s a breakout of various viruses, a lot of natural disasters, humanity is going through a crisis, and people recognise that today,’ says Pednekar.


‘I wouldn’t say that was the case right after I became an actor. When I would share public platforms with other colleagues of mine, they didn’t necessarily look at this issue as something that can be such a big threat. We are five months into 2022, and we are seeing floods in various cities, large areas have completely dried up at places, heat wave is on, monsoons are early. This is climate change!’ says the actress, who commemorates World Environment Day by planting saplings each day.


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